Clothe-a Child is our major project each year. We have been providing for the indigent and children in need at Christmas time for over thirty years. The names of the children are provided to us by the principals and counselors from our local inner-city schools.

This is the one project that a majority of our members can relate too and look forward to participating in each year by donating their time and money. In 2015 we clothed 148 children in December. Lodge members meet the children and their parent or guardian at a local large retail store on the first and second Saturday in December. Each member shops with a child and his/hers family member. Each child is allotted $130 for clothes, shoes, coats and accessories only.                 

Following the shopping spree the child and his family members are invited to the Lodge for breakfast. An all volunteer crew of Elks prepares and serves a hot breakfast and then Santa Claus makes a visit and each child receives a wrapped Christmas gift. When they leave the Lodge each child has $130 worth of clothes, a full stomach and a Christmas gift from Santa. For some of these children it’s their only Christmas. In 2015 we spent $23,000 on this project.                     

The primary fund raiser for this project is our annual Elks Clothe-a-Child Golf Scramble held in June. Join us and become a partner in this very worthwhile and gratifying program.